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Pick up and Transport

Is alcohol allowed on vehicle?

Yes. All our vehicles are Alcohol-Allowed Permitted.

Do you pick me up from my hotel?

For our wine tours, pick up and drop off are included only if you are staying in Austin or San Marcos. If your lodge is further away we can sometimes organize a transfer to a meeting point or the first winery on our itinerary, or we will offer you a private tour.

What kind of transport is provided?

For our group tours, we go out in roomy vans that could seat 12 people, but our groups have a maximum size of 8 people. If there are only 2 people on the tour, we go out by car. All our vans and cars have air conditioning and heating, meaning that you will have a pleasant trip regardless of the season.

Is there a lot of driving time in the tours?

Driving time is 20-30 minutes to the region and 10-25 minutes between each winery.
The Fredericksburg Tour does have more driving, the wineries are further south and much closer to the mountains. The first visit is approximately 60 min from Austin. The journey is filled with some breathtaking scenery and is definitely something to be enjoyed in its own right.

I am traveling on my own, can I still book a tour?

The minimum group size for our small group tours is 2 people. This is usually no problem during high season, as we have daily tours which people who are traveling on their own can join.
We recommend filling out a Trip Builder form with your preferred tour dates. If there is no-one that has already signed up for a tour during your travel dates we can keep you on file, and let you know as soon as we have a tour during your travel dates.

I am traveling with children, can they join the wine tours?

A full day wine tour, with visits to three wineries leaves even the most seasoned wine enthusiast ready for a much needed siesta! Also, distances between wineries can be quite large, and our tours focus on the wine tastings, which can be boring for children. Based on our experience we have created these guidelines:

Children over 15 years old are welcome to join the small group tours and are charged the price of a ‘dry tour’ which includes them joining the transport. The cost for the dry tour is of course less than the full price, please consult us for a quote.

If you travel with younger children or small infants, we recommend a private wine tour for your party, that way you don’t have to adjust to anyone’s itinerary or rhythm. Please contact us for a price quote.

Of course, each parent is the best judge of their children and can predict if they will enjoy a full day tour focused on wine, the ages provided are only for orientation.

Do you pick us up?

Yes. We will pick you up on the address provided on the date and time of your confirmed booking.

What type of vehicle is provided?

We have quite a selection of vehicles to choose from depending on the number of passengers. We have luxury sedans to coach buses.

Do we pay extra for multiple stops?

There is no extra charge for making multiple stops… but you may incur hourly charges if you go over the scheduled time.

Is there an option to upgrade vehicle?

Yes, we offer various vehicle upgrade options.

Can we eat on the vehicle?

Yes. You may eat and drink on any of our vehicles.

Winery reservations

Do you run tours on Sundays?

Yes, we offer tours every day of the week.

Can I choose the wineries? OR: I want to go to wineries A, B and C, can you organize this?

We work with a small number of wineries chosen for their high-quality wine, their uniqueness, and their friendly and personal service. We ask you to trust our winery choices and let us create the best itinerary for you. Anyway, if there are certain wineries you would like to visit and we work with them, we will try to include them into your itinerary (subject to their availability) as long as you book with enough time. That said, sometimes we have to protect our customers from themselves. Not every winery that is famous or that has its wines well-rated in Wine Spectator is worth visiting. If we think a winery you suggest is not up to our standards, we will tell you so.
Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee any winery 100%, as even though we make reservations in advance, wineries – especially the small, family-owned operations – can decide to cancel on us at the last minute because of unforeseen problems. This has happened to us before.

If I book a tour with you, what will I expect?

Expect the best service possible. From the booking till the end of your tour.

I am a vegetarian. Do the Wineries offer special dietary restrictions?

Each winery is a little different, to ensure that they can meet your needs please check with the individual wineries in advance.

What types of wines do we taste?

Each winery features a variety of wines each season.

How many wines can we taste?

Each winery is a little different. It often depends on what wines the wineries are featuring that season, but generally speaking one can expect to taste about 4 to 6 different wines at each winery.

Do they sell wines at the wineries?

Yes. You can purchase a bottle or a glass of your favorite wine at all the wineries.

How many wineries will we visit?

It depends on your selected tour. We have a 4 hour tour which includes 2 wineries and a 6 hour tour in which we visit 3 wineries.

What should I wear in this wine tours?

While there are no winery dress codes per say, we suggest a business casual attire.

Does your public tour gets cancelled if there are not enough people?

We do try our best to not cancel any of our wine trips, in the rare event that only a handful of people booked for the public / social trip we do reserve the right to cancel that trip.

Do you have a selection of wineries to choose from? Can I select from the list?

We maintain a shortlist of wineries and other venues. The list has been compiled over the years from our client’s feedback. These are the places that our customers have enjoyed the most, whether based on the wine, the scenery, the ambiance and or the service.

How do you choose which wineries to go to?

For the private trips you choose the wineries. For the public / social trips, our venues are selected based on the level of service, ambiance, and the wine itself

I am on my own, can I still book a tour?

Yes. We do have public wine tours that you can join.

Can my children join the wine tours?

Yes, you may bring your children 15 years old and above to a private wine tour.

Do you offer “dry tour” rates?

Our packages are fixed.

I want to just rent a car, do you assist in reserving my preferred winery for me?

Yes. Just provide us with the name of your preferred winery, date and time and we will take care of it.

I am coming with friends but I am not a wine expert, do you think I’ll be able to enjoy this?

Absolutely! Wine trips can be fun for everyone whether you’re a wine expert or a novice.

I am not physically fit, does your tour requires a lot of walking?

Most of our wine trips consist of wine tastings and not winery tours. Generally speaking they do not require a great deal of walking.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments, CashApp and Zelle.

Do you provide a refund If we change our plans?

All deposits are NON refundable. If there was an authorization at the time of booking, should you cancel the $150 minimum deposit will then be debited automatically. All reservations are subject to 50% of the full amount if cancelled within 10 days of the pickup date and the full amount of the reservation total if cancelled less than 48 hours prior to pick up date.

Can we do more than just wine tasting?

Yes, we offer distillery, and brewery tours as well. You may mix and match your tour in any combination you wish

How do I know I if you have availability on my preferred date?

Please feel free to call or text to inquire about the availability of your desired date.

How far in advance should I reserve?

We encourage you to book as early as possible to ensure we reserve the proper vehicle and your desired time slot.

Is lunch/dinner provided in your tours?

Meals are not provided as part of our tours, but we are willing to schedule a stop during your trip. Please note that this may put over allotted time, in which case hourly charges would incurred.

What is a wine tasting?

A tasting is more than a sip, less than a glass, and 4-6 different wines can be sampled at each venue..

How much is the usual fee in wine tasting?

Wine tasting fees can vary from winery to winery. They can run anywhere between $15 – $25 per tasting.

Do you know if these wineries waive tasting fees if we purchase their wines?

Generally speaking the tasting fees are not waived if one purchases wine bottles.

We want to visit specific wineries, Is that possible?

Absolutely, we are willing to visit just about any winery in our service area.

Can we bring pets in your private tours?

We love our pets, but unfortunately pets are not allowed on the wine tours.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel the reservation within 7 days before the pickup date, 50% of the total balance is non refundable, and any difference between the 50% amount and any payments already made will be automatically charged to the card on file or paid by the customer. If you cancel within 48 hours before pickup date, 100% of the total balance is non refundable, and any remaining balance will be automatically charged to the card on file or paid by the customer.

I’m getting ready to book a tour but I’m not sure if a few people in my group are going to be able to make it or not. If I book the tour for the full number (9) and some people were unable to make it would my pricing be adjusted?

Yes, you only pay for the amount of people in your group as long as you let us know the final headcount 48 hours prior to pickup. We recommend that you be conservative with the number you initially place on reservation. In other words it is best to place the smallest group size on the reservation. We can always add people to your group at a later date if necessary.